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It is said that art is the soul of humanity. It is our participation in the arts, both as creator, viewer and patron that allows us to express our uniqueness and individuality. Lose our arts and we lose ourselves.

Today we are overcome by the seemingly insurmountable. On a global scale we face environmental decay, failing ecosystems, depletion of species and resources, and rapid urbanization. As individuals we are threatened with alienation from and within society, the dissipation of our cultural identity and the financial woes of the modern age. Nowhere is this dark scenario more evident than in our apparent disregard of the traditional and contemporary arts upon which our society was built. The artistic interpretation of ourselves, our vision of those who share with us, our appreciation for Nature, lie at the core of our creative essence.

As artists, intellects and interpreters, we have an international obligation to preserve and protect the natural world. Nature has born the brunt of our expanding civilization, with the detrimental effects we are now experiencing. The BAF has taken as its primary goal the enhancement, understanding and preservation of nature through the arts…all of the arts that allow us  deeper insight and understanding into the mysterious world that we inhabit.
Our society thanks itself through its artists, by enriching us and our generations to come. A species conserved extends its gratitude by supporting the very existence of humanity. We at the BAF hope to synthesize community awareness in the preservation of folk and classical traditions of visual arts, the promotion of contemporary art, and the spread of conservation awareness. We hope to plant the seeds of respect and responsibility that will flower into a growing commitment to Art and Nature.

Ultimately, the aim of the Foundation is to build a community of individuals who love art, respect humanity and care for nature. Please join us in that quest.

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